NEC4 programme baseline

Which programme should be used as the “baseline”?

I regularly get asked this question in training sessions. There are two occasions when it will be necessary to compare a programme against a previous one i.e. a previous baseline. The first is when a revised programme is issued for acceptance i.e. what should the new programme be compared to, and the second is for a compensation […]

Covid-19 Compensation Event clause

Before we knew anything about Covid-19, the effects would be claimable by the Contractor as a compensation event under clause 60.1(19) as a “force majeure” type event. However, we all know about Coronavirus now as a potential future risk, so it is less likely to fall under that category as being a compensation event. That […]

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Golden Rules for GMH Planning Academy Planners

Under NEC contracts it is imperative to have an Accepted programme every period. Not always easy on our fast paced construction projects where there is significant change and people are worried about what liability they would be taking on if they were to accept a programme. Our GMH Planning academy planners we expect a very high […]

NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract

NEC Option A

Still amazes me how people get caught out with NEC option A activity schedule-based contracts. Here are a few golden rules with regards to the activity schedule based on the ECC contract (Engineering and Construction Contract) but the same rules would apply for option A under the PSC, ECS and TSC contracts. It is assumed […]

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2017 Project Controls Expo – NEC4 Presentation

Here is the link to the presentation I ran jointly with Hezron Ricketts from Th3rdCurve at the 2017 Project Controls Expo. The session explored some of the changes that NEC4 brings particularly in terms of planning and project controls.

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GMH Planning Academy Launched

This month sees the launch of our GMH Planning Academy. This academy will provide experienced verified planners to our clients to meet their full/part time planning requirements. Our expanding client base are looking for more resources and to this end we are looking to expand our network of excellent NEC experienced planners. If you are […]

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NEC Programme Workshop – 21st February

We have started our schedule for public training in 2018 and will be running an NEC Programme Workshop in central London on the 21st February. Our public sessions are a good chance to mix with fellow industry professionals who will bring different experiences/examples to the sessions. This workshop is a deep dive into NEC programme requirements […]

NEC 4 Professional Services Contract PSC

NEC4 Professional Services Contract – review of changes from NEC3

Here is a review from GMH Planning Ltd of the significant changes within the NEC4 PSC contract compared to that of the NEC3 version. We have not identified every single change, but picked out the main differences that if you are relatively experienced with NEC3 you should know/understand if you are to embark on an […]

NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract

NEC4 ECC and ECSC guides to key differences

We have just published the first of our free guides as to a detailed clause by clause review of the changes introduced within the NEC4 versions of the Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) and the Engineering and Construction Short Contract (ECSC). We hope you find these useful! Watch out later in the month for similar […]

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Project Controls Expo – 16th November 2017

I am pleased to announce that I am speaking at this years Project Controls Expo and GMH Planning will be a Gold Sponsor for this excellent event. Being held at the Emirates also happens to be held at the best football team in the country – which is clearly a bonus (unless of course you […]

NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract

Changes to NEC4 recommended by NEC People forum

From our NEC People conference output in 2015 we gave a 23 point list of changes that as a group we wanted to see in NEC4. Of that list there were three items I was not precious about (but it was not just my list!) so for me there was a core of 20 items. […]

NEC People Conference

NEC People – Conference Videos 2017

The videos from the 2017 conference are now available to view/download. Here is a link to the posted videos from the day, which are: 1) Glenn Hide – Welcome note and introduction to key features of NEC42) David Morrice – Crossrail and the effective application of NEC3) Neil Earnshaw – How to effectively tackle risk […]