NEC Consultancy & Planning Support

GMH Planning has over 25 years of experience in providing professional consultancy and NEC training to help people understand and manage their NEC contracts.

The consultancy offered includes reviewing amended contracts at tender stage and producing a report on what the changes mean in terms of risk profile, as well as offering advice on specific issues, and administering project audits to review how well a project is being managed. GMH Planning can also offer advise/opinion on specific issues of debate or dispute amongst the Parties on a project.

GMH Planning also provide experienced planning resources into an organisation that may not have the experience or staff levels to be able to administer the programme in accordance with contractual requirements. These planning resources can be provided on a part or full time basis as required to establish the first NEC contractually compliant programme, maintain the regular issue and acceptance of subsequent programmes, and also generate entitlement programmes for use in conjunction with compensation event quotations.

Planning and programme support

GMH Planning provides support to clients to produce, manage and maintain a programme in order to provide contractual compliance (and more). This can often be carried out remotely as required to maintain the level of input needed to successfully manage all aspects of the programme.

Consultancy & general advice

GMH Planning provides consultancy on general project management of projects and specific contractual issues and interpretations. This includes reviewing contract documents at tender stage, highlighting Z clause amendments that may be a risk, as well as general advice during the life of a contract as to the administration of the contractual clauses.

Project & programme audits

GMH Planning can undertake an audit of your live project to assess how well the contract is being run in accordance with the rules of the contract. We will review the main contractual processes such as early warnings, programme, compensation events and instructions in order to produce a report highlighting how well or not the project is being run and indicating areas for potential improvement. These can be done as a one off audit or progressively throughout the life of a project.

NEC contract reviews

GMH Planning will undertake a review of your bespoke Z clauses and contract data part 1 for your specific project(s) and give a report of the key changes that you should be aware of. The report will highlight contractual elements that are different from standard and allow you to consider how to deal with such risks to either negotiate or price your contract bid accordingly.

Dispute resolution

GMH Planning work with project teams to look into disputes and to come up with potential resolution, thus avoiding a more formal and costly route to dispute resolution.

Why GMH Planning

Having predominantly used the NEC contract on live projects for the past 25 years we offer insight and practical advice on how practitioners in the industry can maximize the effectiveness of the contract on their projects.

GMH Planning regularly present on aspects of the NEC contract at various national conferences, and has published a large number of articles for the ICE Procurement, Management and Law publication and the NEC user-group newsletter.

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