CECA GMH Planning NEC4 Bulletin

CECA Bulletin 38 – Z clauses that could significantly alter risk profile

Although the NEC Contract was meant in its base form to be applicable for all construction projects some Clients may still feel the need to supplement or replace standard NEC contract wording for any project. This could be either be in the form of additional clauses, or by altering existing wording to reflect their specific […]

    CECA GMH Planning NEC4 Bulletin

    CECA Bulletin 37 – Top Ten NEC4 ECC Clauses

    For many people trying to understand a contract can appear to be a bit daunting and even unnerving given some of the unfamiliar language that is often used. NEC contracts have tried to change that perception by using plain English with no legal phrases. They are intended to be a management tool to help deliver […]

      CECA GMH Planning NEC4 Bulletin

      CECA Bulletin 36 – Payments

      Section 5 is the main section of the contract that deals with payments and general commercial matters. Contractors need to make a sustainable margin on any project to be able to reinvest in the future of their own organisation. They invest a considerable amount of resource and cost before even getting into Contract and generally […]

        NEC People Conference – Leeds 2023

        Following our successful northern NEC People Conference held recently in Leeds, we are pleased to share the slides of the main presentations that were delivered on the day. Below is a summary of the presentations and a download link to access them as a PDF. 30 years of NEC in Yorkshire (Donna Kingett / Paul […]

          CECA GMH Planning NEC4 Bulletin

          CECA Bulletin 35 – Common misconceptions associated when administering NEC contracts

          There are some common misconceptions held by individuals or even whole project teams that wrongly assume how a particular clause or process should be understood and managed contractually. This bulletin will identify a few of these misconceptions that appear to have slipped into the industry and explain what the contractual interpretation should be: Matters for […]

            NEC People 2023 Conference – highlights reel

            Please find below your link to our highlights reel form our 2023 London conference so you can get a taste of what is in store if you come to one of our events. Next stop, Leeds in November 2023, and then back to London in June 2024.

              NEC People 2023 London Conference – videos

              We are very pleased to announce the release of the videos from our 2023 NEC People conference from June. We apologise for the delay in these as we were massively let down by the production company who produced them, but it is very much a case of better late than never as there are some […]

                Northern NEC People Conference – Leeds, 7th November 2023

                Please find below the final agenda for our NEC People Conference which is running at the University of Leeds on the 7th November 2023. If you wish to attend and have not yet registered then please do so soon as places will very soon be full. You can apply for an invite by emailing “[email protected]” […]

                  CECA GMH Planning NEC4 Bulletin

                  CECA Bulletin 34 – Periods for response in NEC contracts

                  Good communication flow, transparency and auditability should be key features when administering any construction contract. NEC4 deliberately puts processes in place during the life of the project to ensure good practice project management. Adhering to the contractual processes and having a full audit trail of what was issued, when, and what the response was, should […]

                    CECA GMH Planning NEC4 Bulletin

                    CECA Bulletin 33 – Dictionary definitions versus contractual definitions

                    NEC Contract focus month 33 – Dictionary definitions versus contractual definitions Everyone knows that contracts and the rules within them are there to be followed by both parties. NEC contracts attempt to write the rules in a way that are easy to understand and are practical project management tools. They use certain words and language […]

                      CECA GMH Planning NEC4 Bulletin

                      CECA Bulletin 32 – Engineering and Construction Short Contract (ECSC)

                      The most common contract used between the Client and Contractor for construction/building type works is the Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC). However, when a project is relatively low risk and straight forward the Engineering and Construction Short Contract (ECSC) is often adopted instead. Being a shorter and simpler version of the full ECC, it avoids […]

                        CECA GMH Planning NEC4 Bulletin

                        CECA Bulletin 31 – Disallowed Costs

                        NEC Contract focus month 31 – Disallowed Costs Within options C, D,E & F of the NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC), the Contractor is paid each period their Defined Cost plus fee. In simple terms this is the actual cost they can prove they have spent (or will have spent prior to the next […]