NEC contract tender programme

Benefits of a programme at tender stage

There are so many good reasons for a Contractor to submit a thoroughly detailed programme at tender stage. Often it will be a tender requirement to do so, and a fair proportion of the tender score may depend upon the quality of the programme submitted. However, even if one is not specifically requested if I was a Contractor, I would still make a point of submitting one to try to set me apart from other tenderers. It would help in terms of:

  • demonstrating understanding of the project and the works necessary to complete it by the contractual dates
  • demonstrating the ability to produce a detailed programme in decent planning software
  • demonstrating the understanding of the NEC contract by submitting a programme that fully complies with clause 31.2
  • allowing the Contractor to hit the ground running with a thorough programme from day 1 rather than having something else they have to do following contract award
  • avoids the potential for the Client to be able to withhold 25% of any applications due to there being no first accepted programme (clause 50.5)

However much time you think you have at tender stage, it will always be a good investment of time to put the effort in producing a thorough meaningful programme that could help you to win the tender in the first place as well as being an effective management tool that can be utilised from day one.

NEC4 Programme Workshop

We cover this and other aspects around programme in our public NEC4 Programme workshop. Check this link to see when the next one is running and for details of booking: