There is no such thing as concurrency under an NEC Contract!

That is a bold statement isn’t it, but broadly speaking I believe this to be true. It is other forms of contract that use this […]

NEC4 Negative float

Negative Float on an NEC Contract Programme

There are many misconceptions about this topic which this blog post will try to clear up. There are some Clients that actually state within their […]

NEC contract tender programme

Benefits of a programme at tender stage

There are so many good reasons for a Contractor to submit a thoroughly detailed programme at tender stage. Often it will be a tender requirement […]

Forecast Defined Cost

Clause 63.1 and “actual” versus “forecast” Defined Cost when assessing a compensation event

It appears to be a quite common misconception that if compensation event works have been carried out and the quotation not been agreed, that the […]

NEC4 ECC Top ten clauses

Top ten most important/favourite NEC4 clauses

Someone asked me recently on a training session what is my favourite clause within the contract. I said it was difficult to pick out a […]

NEC4 Negative float

Which programme should be used as the “baseline”?

I regularly get asked which programme should be used as the “baseline” in our NEC training sessions. There are two occasions when it will be necessary […]

NEC 4 Professional Services Contract PSC

NEC4 Professional Services Contract (PSC) – Review of changes

Here is a review from GMH Planning Ltd of the significant changes within the NEC4 Professional Services Contract (PSC) contract compared to that of the […]

NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract

NEC4 ECC & ECSC – Review of Changes

We have just published the first of our free guides as to a detailed clause by clause review of the changes introduced within the NEC4 […]

Elephant in the room

A warm welcome to NEC4, but there is an elephant in the room

Yesterday I along with a few hundred others attended the official launch of NEC4. This is a very welcome development as like anything NEC needs […]

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Why would we consider running a project without a dedicated planning resource?

We all know how essential under NEC3 contracts the programme is. There is a much more stringent requirement on what a programme should include, and […]

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Contractual answer to various programme scenarios?

I am mindful of putting together a guide for certain situations associated with programme acceptance. I actually don’t think there is a set of rules […]

Why are Universities not teaching NEC form of Contract

Why are universities not teaching about NEC forms of contract?

Whenever I run a NEC training course I typically get people in the room to introduce themselves and their roles within their companies, I am […]

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What levels of “mitigation” are an obligation under the contract to assess a CE

I have recently posted a question on LinkedIn questioning the level of mitigation that is expected/obligated by the Contractor in assessing a CE. I am […]

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What is so wrong about being “contractual”?

Do you remember the days when the word “contractual” was a swear word and had negative connotations? What do you mean it still is? Isn’t […]

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Archived Discussions – June 2014-May 2015

Within “Downloads” you can now access a hyperlinked list of discussions from the past year and jump straight to any of interest!

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NEC3 ECC Z clauses that cause problems

Z clauses (in my experience) are the still the biggest cause of argument and dispute on projects – not the original unamended NEC3 clauses. I […]

NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract

NEC4 – Potential useful amendments

Thought it was useful to reissue this document we produced back in 2011 to see what people thought of our list and if there is […]

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NEC People awards 2014

NEC People Awards 2014               At the 2014 NEC People conference in June we are having our first annual NEC People […]

LinkedIn NEC Contract Discussion Group GMH Planning - NEC Contract Experts

NEC3 LinkedIn Conference: Compensation Events – Good Practice Guide

One of the break out sessions at this years conference was hosted by Richard Patterson and Barry Trebes. Attached is the ouput from that session […]

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Works Information Guidance Document

I get asked quite a lot where people can get hold of the Engineering and Construction ContractWorks Information Guidance document which was produced and issued […]

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Assessing compensation events – which programme should you use?

NEC newsletter 61 Programme article Which programme do you use to assess compensation events? This is a common problem that occurs on projects and is […]