CECA GMH Planning NEC4 Bulletin

CECA Bulletin 38 – Z clauses that could significantly alter risk profile

Although the NEC Contract was meant in its base form to be applicable for all construction projects some Clients may still feel the need to supplement or replace standard NEC contract wording for any project. This could be either be in the form of additional clauses, or by altering existing wording to reflect their specific […]

    CECA GMH Planning NEC4 Bulletin

    CECA Bulletin 35 – Common misconceptions associated when administering NEC contracts

    There are some common misconceptions held by individuals or even whole project teams that wrongly assume how a particular clause or process should be understood and managed contractually. This bulletin will identify a few of these misconceptions that appear to have slipped into the industry and explain what the contractual interpretation should be: Matters for […]

      CECA GMH Planning NEC4 Bulletin

      CECA Bulletin 30 – Contractual milestones to show on a programme

      The current forms of contract within the NEC family place a much greater significance on the importance of the programme and on the specific content to include than the previous forms of contract. There are a number of milestones (a key event or action in a project) that NEC contracts refer to, either within clause […]

        CECA GMH Planning NEC4 Bulletin

        CECA Bulletin 22 – Project audits and contractual health checks

        NEC Contract focus month 22 – Project audits and contractual health checks It is essential for any project team to be regularly reviewing and checking how they are performing in line with contractual processes. This could be done by an individual party on a project for their own contractual elements or (even more constructively) for […]

          10th conference

          NEC People 2022 Conference videos

          Here you can catch up on the videos from our 2022 NEC People conference that was held at the Leonardo Hotel on the 14th June. It was a fantastic event and great to meet up with people again after our three year layoff due to Covid and a great celebration of ten years of the […]

            CECA GMH Planning NEC4 Bulletin

            CECA Bulletin 18 – Clause 63.5 and assessing a compensation event against the last Accepted Programme

            June 2022 Introduction: Training and development support is a key part of CECA’s core offer for its membership and working in conjunction with GMH Planning it has delivered a programme of training events around the NEC Form of Contract across several CECA UK regions. In addition to this training a series of monthly NEC Contract […]

              CECA GMH Planning NEC4 Bulletin

              CECA bulletin 17 – Showing non-implemented compensation events on the programme

                project chatter podcast

                Project Chatter Podcast – issues around programming under NEC contracts

                I recently did a second podcast with Val and Dale at “the Project Chatter Podcast” talking about issues around programming under NEC contracts. You can download the podcast here and please give us feedback on thoughts about the issues we discussed. We talk about things like How successful (or not) projects are at getting regular […]

                  CECA GMH Planning NEC4 Bulletin

                  NEC4 CECA Bulletin No 6: The importance of a regular Accepted Programme

                  GMH Planning in conjunction with CECA (Civil Engineering Contractors Association) are producing a series of monthly bulletins focusing each month on an aspect of NEC contracts that their members should take particular attention to. The sixth bulletin in our series is about the importance of a regular Accepted Programme, for which you can download a […]

                    2019 NEC4 amendment to clause 63.5

                    Without trying to sound to corny this article is a bit of closure for me in my quest for clarification to the industry of how to assess change against the last Accepted Programme under NEC contracts. I have written previous articles on what NEC3 contracts must mean in this regards, and then commented on what […]

                      NEC People Conference

                      NEC People Conference 2020: Celebrating Success

                      We are pleased to announce that registration for this years London conference on the 16th June is now open. You can find the agenda by clicking on the agenda below. This is an invite only conference and invites are currently out to sponsor guests, but you can express your interest in attending this conference by […]

                        NEC4 Contracts Pack

                        NEC4 Amendments – Jan 2019

                        NEC have just issued some amendments to the NEC4 suite of contracts. On the whole they are corrections of typo’s or terminology rather than anything fundamental and you can download the full list here. One significant amendment however is the correction now to clause 63.5. NEC4 when it was first published in 2017 added a […]