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NEC4 Amendments – Jan 2019

NEC have just issued some amendments to the NEC4 suite of contracts. On the whole they are corrections of typo’s or terminology rather than anything fundamental and you can download the full list here.

One significant amendment however is the correction now to clause 63.5. NEC4 when it was first published in 2017 added a paragraph that was very unclear what it meant. After a bit of campaigning, this lead to a practice note issued Oct 2017 explaining how compensation events should be assessed the last Accepted Programme that may or may not be very recent. Finally with these amendments now the guidance wording has been translated into a contractual clause. It now makes it clear that other events that have occurred since the last Accepted Programme SHOULD be taken into account before you assess the effects of a specific compensation event i.e. progress and other compensation events that occurred before the CE in question.

I will write a more detailed article on this point but in the meantime attached is the full list of amendments that you can download.