NEC4 programme baseline

Which programme should be used as the “baseline”?

I regularly get asked this question in training sessions. There are two occasions when it will be necessary to compare a programme against a previous one i.e. a previous baseline. The first is when a revised programme is issued for acceptance i.e. what should the new programme be compared to, and the second is for a compensation […]

NEC 4 Professional Services Contract PSC

NEC4 Professional Services Contract – review of changes from NEC3

Here is a review from GMH Planning Ltd of the significant changes within the NEC4 PSC contract compared to that of the NEC3 version. We have not identified every single change, but picked out the main differences that if you are relatively experienced with NEC3 you should know/understand if you are to embark on an […]

NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract

NEC4 ECC and ECSC guides to key differences

We have just published the first of our free guides as to a detailed clause by clause review of the changes introduced within the NEC4 versions of the Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC) and the Engineering and Construction Short Contract (ECSC). We hope you find these useful! Watch out later in the month for similar […]

A warm welcome to NEC4, but there is an elephant in the room

Yesterday I along with a few hundred others attended the official launch of NEC4. This is a very welcome development as like anything NEC needs to keep pace with new ideas or better ways of doing things. NEC4 brings some great new changes, pondering over others, but most importantly from my perspective frustrated that one […]

NEC Contract Training Courses NEC bespoke classroom training by GMH Planning New Engineering Contract Experts

NEC4 Overview Workshop – 12th July 2017

We have scheduled our first NEC4 Overview workshop for Wednesday 12th July in central London so you will be among the first people to see and discuss the new contracts in detail. This is a public session so you will join other people from the industry which always makes for a very useful session from […]

BuiltIntelligence NEC People 20th June Conference Agenda

NEC3 Conference agenda 2017 (final version)   We are very excited to announce our finalised agenda for our Built Intelligence NEC People conference on Tuesday 20th June, We have an excellent balance of speakers and interactive sessions for those who attend and the full agenda is attached below. Invites are already out to speakers, sponsors […]

Why would we consider running a project without a dedicated planning resource?

We all know how essential under NEC3 contracts the programme is. There is a much more stringent requirement on what a programme should include, and that the programme is to be formally accepted by the Project Manager. There is then the requirement for this programme to be regularly updated and again accepted (or rejected) which […]

Contractual answer to various programme scenarios?

I am mindful of putting together a guide for certain situations associated with programme acceptance. I actually don’t think there is a set of rules that fits all “what-if” scenarios that can happen within a programme, but I think we can have some clearer guidance for both Contractors and Employers. What should the “programme rules” […]

Why are Universities not teaching NEC form of Contract

Why are universities not teaching about NEC forms of contract?

Whenever I run a NEC training course I typically get people in the room to introduce themselves and their roles within their companies, I am always quite excited to hear someone has just left university or currently at university. I get to ask them my favorite question, which is “do they/did they teach you about […]

What levels of “mitigation” are an obligation under the contract to assess a CE

I have recently posted a question on LinkedIn questioning the level of mitigation that is expected/obligated by the Contractor in assessing a CE. I am looking at producing a publication/eBook next year of which this will form a chapter (if not a book all on its own!)). I will be interested on your thoughts on […]

What is so wrong about being “contractual”?

Do you remember the days when the word “contractual” was a swear word and had negative connotations? What do you mean it still is? Isn’t it sad that we are still in a position that despite NEC3 contracts being written much more constructively and proactively they are still tarnished with the same brush as other […]

Archived Discussions – June 2014-May 2015

Archived Discussions – June 2014-May 2015

Within “Downloads” you can now access a hyperlinked list of discussions from the past year and jump straight to any of interest!