NEC4 ECC Overview – Remote NEC Training (8th April 2024)

NEC4 ECC Overview – Remote NEC Training (8th April 2024)

The NEC4 Overview Workshop is a one‐day online NEC4 training course which introduces you to the new contracts within the NEC4 suite and the specific changes introduced to the Engineering and Construction Contract.

The session runs remotely via MS Teams from 9am – 4.15pm. There are limited places to allow a good level of interactivity for all attendees. Sessions focus on the new NEC4 versions of the contract but also cover differences from NEC3 to NEC4 so still relevant for any one still engaged under NEC3 versions of the contract.

NEC4 is a welcome enhancement to what was already a very practical set of contracts, but like anything it needed to evolve to move with the times and address issues reported from the industry that were still common place.

The NEC4 overview workshop will explore the significant changes that on a practical basis are the ones for regular users of the contract to understand. There are a number of key changes some of which are contract wide, and some of which are specific to individual contracts. The changes include in our NEC4 overview training course cover amendments to standard wording, additional clauses, additional secondary options and changes to guidance. The workshop will consider why it was felt they were needed and how they should be practically understood. For many organizations or projects already working to NEC3 on long term projects the migration across to NEC4 will take several months or even year(s). This workshop will therefore also consider/remind key virtues that people should understand with NEC contracts and consider common issues that are still happening on projects and how they can be avoided – with or without the new wording within NEC4.

Attendees of the NEC4 Training Overview Workshop course will have a much clearer understanding of the intent of the specific contractual clauses of the new NEC4 contracts and in practical terms begin to see how they should understood/administered for the benefit of all parties on a particular project.

You will learn about:

  • the new contracts added to the NEC4 suite
  • subtle principle changes across the suite of contracts.
  • new secondary options.
  • main changes in particular to the ECC contract, why they were deemed necessary and how they can/will work in practice.
  • common issues still occurring on projects working to NEC3 and how they could be overcome/avoided.

NEC4 Training – Overview Workshop is Recommended for:

This workshop is recommended for anyone currently involved with NEC3 contracts who wish to have a good understanding of the changes that NEC4 will bring on a practical basis, including project managers, contract managers, quantity surveyors, clients, consultants, planners,contractors and their supply chain.

Each session cost £195+ VAT (with discounts for multiple bookings) and you will be sent course notes before hand for each training day. Full agenda’s for each session are available in the NEC training section of our website, or you can email me for the agenda or to confirm your interest in booking a session(s) just fill in the booking form linked below.

We are also still running in-house training sessions in case you are looking for a dedicated session for your project team rather than sharing a public session, so please look at our NEC Training Courses which can be tailored to your specific requirements.