NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract Short Contract ECSC

“Planned Completion” verses “Completion Date”

It still amazes me how many projects I see where not only are they not administering their programme to anything like its full potential, but are not even showing the subtle difference between planned Completion and Completion Date on the programme. They are separate bullet requirements under clause 31.2, so by default must be different things. Often the Contractor only referers to something they call “Contract Completion” – which is not even a defined term under this contract.

You need to show as separate milestones on your programmes issued for acceptance “planned Completion”, which is when you plan to finish, compared to where that is in relation to the Completion Date, which is the date in Contract Data part 1 or the date changed as a result of implemented compensation events. Clause 63.3 clarifies that Completion Date moves by the amount that planned completion moves due to the affects of a compensation event. You are therefore comparing where you plan to finish, compared to the Completion Date, which is also the date that Delay Damages will be applicable if X7 has been chosen as a secondary option on your project.

For more details on this and similar programme issues, please refer to guidance notes within this website, or consider running/attending the GMH Planning NEC3 Programme workshop.