NEC3 Guidance Notes – An Introduction

The NEC Guidance notes section aims to provide a useful resource at all levels for those involved in projects under the NEC3 form of contract. I would highly encourage everyone to read through the relevant sections to hopefully clarify and provide practical tips as to how a clause should be interpreted and administered.

It expands on existing available material and gives extra practical advice as to how the contract should be administered for the benefit of all parties. The first section gives an overview of the suite of contracts, and from then on in the guidance focuses predominantly on the ECC (Engineering and Construction Contract), which is one of the contracts available within the suite and the most commonly used within the industry.

Most of this guidance however is equally applicable to the PSC (Professional Services Contract) and the ECS (Engineering and Construction Subcontract) which are almost identical in structure and requirements but have different named parties within the contract. Beyond these specific contracts, many of the principles within the guidance such as early warnings and compensation events are equally applicable to most of the contracts available within the suite.

This section of the website is work in progress and I shall be adding new, and updating, content on a regular basis. So, please bookmark this page and check back soon, and share it with your colleagues and friends in the industry on  LinkedIn or Twitter and get involved in the LinkedIn NEC3 discussion.

If there are particular clauses or areas of the contract that you would like to see or you have any feedback, please let me know and i’ll do my best to add /amend the content. Whilst these guidance notes are the opinion of GMH Planning as to how the contract clauses should be used and interpreted, these views have been gathered from several years experience and training to a broad spectrum of the industry.