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Project Chatter Podcast – issues around programming under NEC contracts

I recently did a second podcast with Val and Dale at the Project Chatter Podcast talking about issues around programming under NEC contracts. You can download the podcast here and please give us feedback on thoughts about the issues we discussed. We talk about things like

  • How successful (or not) projects are at getting regular accepted programmes between Client/Contractor.
  • The reluctance seemingly to submit programmes with CE quotations.
  • Subcontractor programmes and why are they not produced/managed in their ECS contracts to the same standard as the Contractor’s are for an ECC contract (when they both have the same contractual obligation to do so).
  • Clarity now in NEC4 in how change is assessed against the last Accepted Programme.
You can listen to the project chatter podcast (episode S5E104) here.

Also check out our previous episode S2E31 if you like this one.