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NEC Training Course 15 NEC3 / NEC4 Overview and Introduction to the Supply Contract (SC)

Overview and Introduction to the NEC3/NEC4 Supply Contract

  • 7 hours 15 mins Course duration
  • £ POA Price
  • Classroom & in-house, Online Delivery mode

This one-day training workshop introduces you to the common philosophies of the NEC family of contracts and focuses in more detail upon the key mechanics and provisions of the NEC3/NEC4 Supply Contract (SC).

Why you should attend this workshop?

You will gain an understanding of the key aspects of SC including the responsibilities of the Parties; the option structure including the use of key performance indicators, provisions for Goods Information; provisions for time and programme; testing and defects; payment; compensation events; risk and insurance; dispute avoidance and the contribution of the Supply Contract to the effective management to achieve the parties objectives using a collaborative approach.

Attendees of this course will have a much clearer understanding of the intent of the specific contractual clauses and in practical terms begin to see how they should administer them for the benefit of all parties on a particular project.

You will learn about:

  • the general principles of NEC3 / NEC4 contracts
  • the use of Contract Data, Goods Information and Supply Requirements
  • roles and responsibilities of the Parties
  • the important Supply Contract clauses and processes, in particular the early warning process, the programme, Risk Register, communications and compensation events
  • how to apply the Supply Contract in practice and achieve satisfactory solutions to problems

Recommended for: This workshop is recommended for everyone currently working or about to be working under a Supply Contract including project managers, contract managers, quantity surveyors, clients, consultants, procurement specialists, planners, contractors and their supply chain.  This session will be suitable for those who are relatively new to these forms of contract as well as those who are already more experienced in the contract and looking to enhance their level of knowledge and understanding.