Welcome to FastDraft – your new NEC contract management tool

I am very excited to be able to blog about our new FastDraft product which is a cloud based system to manage your NEC project communications. Together with the developers OnDemand, we have built what we consider to be the most user friendly and comprehensive system for managing your contracts. Our new product helps all Parties to follow the rules they should be following, using the correct contractual language in their communications and to manage/audit the timescales for response.

It is very important for users to have a tool that is intuitive, helpful and contractually thorough. Other products currently available within the market did not tick all of these boxes. We therefore wanted to put together a system that took the managing of a contract to a whole new level and we believe we have now achieved that with FastDraft.

The other key area of the market we have focused on is managing contracts at Contractor/Subcontractor level – which in our experience has been an area that has been lacking to date. It is equally important that further down the supply chain the contracts are managed, so we have created Subcontract versions and Short Contract versions of FastDraft that are equally thorough in the administration of the processes.

We now have now have details of FastDraft on our website and you can click on the link here to find a bit more about it:


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In summary here are just a few of the key features that we believe you will get from FastDraft:

  • Incredibly user friendly and intuitive system to use with minimal if any training required (as well as being the most cost effective)
  • Written by leading NEC industry experts including Glenn Hide and Steven Evans
  • Most comprehensive system available to ensure full contractual compliance
  • Each project set up on system will be made bespoke in terms of project specific Z clauses and contract data
  • In built guidance through out the system from a system user perspective as well as specific contractual guidance
  • System can be run for any NEC contract, including ECC, ECS, TSC, PSC as well as the short versions of each contract
  • System allows full visibility/audit-able to ensure the contract is being complied with and identify when/who anyone is exceeding contractual timescales across the project
  • Identifies specific forms for particular common contractual problem areas, such as programme acceptance and delegation of powers
  • System includes various elements that are above and beyond the contractual compliance but are good practice to administer e.g. mandating for a programme narrative to be produced with each programme issued for acceptance and option for Contractor to propose an assumption to be used within a quotation
  • Introduces practical aspects of a construction contract that can be managed through the system such as that are not specifically stated within the contract, such as RFI’s or TQ’s and NCR’s
  • All users can be set up with specific admin rights for the various forms on the system
  • Full flexibility with our report builder as to what standard and bespoke reports you want to see out of the system.

Please contact us on the FastDraft page if you wish to book a more detailed demonstration as to what the system can offer you as a business or as a project.


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