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GMH has 20 years of experience in providing professional project planning consultancy & project management of NEC contracts programmes, NEC3 and now NEC4 training & practical support to companies working under the NEC form for contract.

GMH Planning regularly present on aspects of the NEC contract at various national conferences, and has published a large number of articles for the ICE Procurement, Management and Law publication and the NEC user-group newsletter . We are the owners/administrators of the LinkedIn forum “BuiltIntelligence NEC People – managing NEC contracts” which has well over 5700 active members. Also administer/panel member for  “Reachback” which is the largest free question and answer portal available to the industry.


Why GMH Planning?

Having predominantly used the NEC contract on live projects for the past 20 years we offer insight and practical advice on how practitioners in the industry can maximize the effectiveness of the contract on their projects.

Project Planning Consultancy & NEC Training Services

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NEC3 Training Courses

Whilst the NEC form of contract is intended to be easy to read and understand, it does need a level of introduction and training to speed up an individuals knowledge of how it should be administered.

GMH Planning run a number of standard or bespoke NEC3 and now NEC4 (launched June 2017) training courses focusing on the key aspects of the contract and providing practical tips on how it can be administered to the benefit of all parties.

These training courses will provide significant benefit to attendees and should avoid some of the problems that may otherwise occur. The NEC form of contract has to be administered for the life of a project and the potential liability to a company who is not carrying out what the contract says could be significant. All parties administering the contract should provide greater transparency and understanding to all concerned on a project and hence limit the number of problems and disputes that may otherwise result.

GMH Planning can offer a variety of standard NEC courses that we have developed, or alternatively run bespoke workshops to meet your specific requirements. As well as carrying out independent training to most of the main contractors and client organisations within the construction industry, Glenn Hide has previously been used by Thomas Telford/NEC as authors of the contract to deliver their suite of training courses nationally to both public and private clients.

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Planning Support for NEC

The production and control of the programme under this form of contract is paramount to the success to all parties of a project. GMH planning offers advice in all aspects of the programme and contract, as well as production and management of the programme for either party under an NEC form of contract. Traditionally both Contractors and Subcontractors significantly under-utilize the use of the programme in the day-to-day running of their projects.

Whilst there is a contractual requirement under NEC to administer a certain level of programming for the life of the project, there is actually nothing that the contract is asking the Contractor to do that they should not want to be doing for themselves for their own efficiency and benefit.

The contract merely points the Contractor down the road of good practice planning and project management. Many of the Contractors we get involved with had relied on the good work they did to (hopefully) get a reasonable settlement on their projects rather than administering the contract (and particularly the programme) properly. They are now realizing the benefits that that a well run programme can bring them, in terms of improved efficiency and commercial/contractual protection.

GMH Planning provides either part time support or full time support to clients to produce, manage and maintain a programme in order to provide contractual compliance (and more). This can often be carried out remotely and include meetings as required to maintain the level of input required to successfully manage all aspects of the programme.

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Consultancy services for the NEC form of contract

GMH Planning provides consultancy on general project management of projects and specific contractual issues and interpretations. This includes reviewing contract documents at tender stage, highlighting Z clause amendments that may be an issue, as well as general advice during the life of a contract on its administration and commenting on issues that have resulted. We also work with project teams to look into disputes and to come up with potential resolution, thus avoiding a more formal route to dispute resolution.

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NEC Consultants & NEC Staffing

Having members of staff who understand how to administer the contract should provide a huge benefit to any company. GMH Planning can provide both planning and commercial resources to employers who are looking for NEC experienced people to work on their projects. All such resources are supported by GMH Planning to give further back up/guidance in relation to meeting the requirements of the NEC form of contract on a project.

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