There is no such thing as concurrency under an NEC Contract!

That is a bold statement isn’t it, but broadly speaking I believe this to be true. It is other forms of contract that use this term, but then not that uncommon for a Client to introduce concurrency as a Z clause to try to incorporate into an NEC contract as a sweeping statement. What does […]

NEC4 Negative float

Negative Float on an NEC Contract Programme

There are many misconceptions about this topic which this blog post will try to clear up. There are some Clients that actually state within their Scope/Works Information that they will “not accept a programme with negative float”, which is actually ridiculous and shows a lack of understanding as to what it shows and what it […]

NEC contract tender programme

Benefits of a programme at tender stage

There are so many good reasons for a Contractor to submit a thoroughly detailed programme at tender stage. Often it will be a tender requirement to do so, and a fair proportion of the tender score may depend upon the quality of the programme submitted. However, even if one is not specifically requested if I […]

NEC4 Negative float

Which programme should be used as the “baseline”?

I regularly get asked this question in training sessions. There are two occasions when it will be necessary to compare a programme against a previous one i.e. a previous baseline. The first is when a revised programme is issued for acceptance i.e. what should the new programme be compared to, and the second is for a compensation […]

NEC4 Engineering and Construction Contract

NEC Option A

Still amazes me how people get caught out with NEC option A activity schedule-based contracts. Here are a few golden rules with regards to the activity schedule based on the ECC contract (Engineering and Construction Contract) but the same rules would apply for option A under the PSC, ECS and TSC contracts. It is assumed […]

NEC3 LinkedIn Conference: Compensation Events – Good Practice Guide

NEC3 LinkedIn Conference: Compensation Events – Good Practice Guide

One of the break out sessions at this years conference was hosted by Richard Patterson and Barry Trebes. Attached is the ouput from that session that was generated from the attendees to the conference. It forms an excellent guide as to some key things to consider by both Parties when managing change on a project. […]

Need an experienced NEC3 planner?

GMH Planning have a few particularly strong NEC3 planners who are coming towards the end of existing commissions. If you have a need for an experienced short or longer term contract planner based in our around the London area please contact GMH Planning for further details.

Assessing compensation events – which programme should you use?

NEC newsletter 61 Programme article Which programme do you use to assess compensation events? This is a common problem that occurs on projects and is an area that either the contract or the guidance notes could be more definitive in terms of how this should be carried out. This article that was published in edition […]

Think before you Z clause…

The NEC contracts are intended to be concise and where necessary employers can add additions to it or amend the existing conditions to suit their requirements within their organisation or within their industry. Do remember however that the NEC contracts were 8 years in development and now 17 years in existence, during which period the contract […]