NEC3 Quiz game launched

Ok – here it is. The long awaited NEC3 game that we announced at the group conference in June. “Who would be sad enough to want to play an NEC game” we did cautiously ask ourselves, but quickly came to the conclusion that there was over 2600 people sad enough within the group!!! Click on the link below to start the challenge – and let us know as part of this discussion what you think. It is a bit of fun but with a genuine opportunity to learn/see how much you know about the contract. See how far you can get up the league table in relation to your fellow peers. Even a chance to win an Ipad in October for whoever is sitting top of the league at the end of the month.


The game can be made bespoke for individual companies to run internally and set up their own league table and even incorporate their own standard amendments, so feel free to contact us for further details.