NEC Training Course 3: NEC3 / NEC4 Bespoke Project Workshop

NEC Training Course 3: NEC3 / NEC4 Bespoke Project Workshop

Why you should attend this workshop? 

This one-day workshop is a mixture of contractual theory and practical exercises and is intended to give everyone involved on a particular project or scheme a common understanding of the main elements of their NEC3 / NEC4 contract. This will include a consideration of the project specific contractual elements that are unique to their project in the form of Z clauses (amendments to the standard form) as well as reviewing the significance of the elements of Contract Data that are relevant to that project.

Ideally this workshop will be run relatively early in a project and all the key Parties and individuals involved with the project should be in attendance. The workshop will give everyone involved the chance to enforce their understanding of the key contractual processes within the contract and understand those unique to this project. It will look at the specific primary option and secondary options that have been chosen for their scheme, particularly relevant elements within the Contract Data, communication flow, early warnings, Contractor main responsibilities, programme, payments and compensation events. An action plan is drawn up at the conclusion of the workshop identifying project actions that would be beneficial to be undertaken that have been identified as a result of discussions throughout the day.

Attendees of this course should achieve a much more joined up common project understanding and approach as to how the contract can be administered for the benefit of all Parties involved in their scheme and how everyone can move forward together to make that project a success.

You will learn about:

  • which primary option and secondary options have been selected for their project and why
  • the important elements of the Contract Data for that project
  • the importance of communication flow and the role/responsibilities of the Project Manager
  • the early warning process and how it should be viewed as a practical operational tool rather than a commercial tool
  • the main Contractor responsibilities under the contract
  • the requirement for production, review, and acceptance of the programme throughout the life of the project
  • key elements of the payment process under that particular contract option
  • the compensation event process and practical advice as to how it can be effectively managed for the benefit of all Parties 

Recommended for: This workshop is recommended for all members of a project team that is about to embark or are already working on a live project under the NEC3 / NEC4 form of contract. It should involve the key members of each of the Parties involved which would include project managers, contract managers, quantity surveyors, planners, designers, operational staff and consultants.