GMH Academy for Planners

GMH Planning have for more than twelve years been providing advice, training and resources to the industry for those working under the NEC form of contract. We provide experienced planning resources into organisations to make sure that the programme elements of the contract are administered correctly and that the programme can be submitted and accepted each period for the benefit of all parties concerned.


Who do we accept into the GMH Planning Academy?

We invite experienced planners who have an expertise with planning software such as Primavera/Asta and who are very familiar with the mechanics of NEC contracts in terms of programme management, acceptance process and assessing change (compensation events).

Benefits of becoming a member of the Academy:

  • Demonstration of a level of competency that will be deemed a high standard to the industry
  • Opportunities to interesting client roles that would not be available through a traditional agency
  • Obtain training in aspects of administering NEC contracts
  • Become part of a network where you can call upon other experts for advice or offer into the project they are working on in terms of the NEC contract or general planning principles.
  • Flexibility – as well as full time roles we have clients who are looking for short term or part time planning roles.

Entrance criteria to become a member of the GMH Planning Academy:

  • CV showing full history of projects
  • Three detailed references on three successful projects
  • Attendance of one-day GMH Planning NEC Programme workshop
  • Interview/competency test/example of programme been produced and managed
  • Pass 9 eLearning academy NEC contract modules



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