GMH Planning Academy for Clients

We provide experienced planning resources into organisations to make sure that the programme elements of the contract are administered correctly and that the programme can be submitted and accepted each period for the benefit of all parties concerned.

Clients: Any clients, contractors, subcontractors, consultants or designers who are working under the NEC form of contract should be producing a detailed programme in compliance with clause 31.2, and then produce regular revised programmes in accordance with clause 32.2 and get those programmes accepted by the Project Manager/Employer throughout the life of the contract. Without this, there is no way to assess change during the life of the contract.

GMH Planning Academy planners give you that security that you will meet your contractual obligations and maximise your entitlement in the event of change.

Why should you employ a planner from the GMH Planning Academy?

  1. Quality: the quality of planners in the industry is traditionally quite varied! All of the planners within our academy have been vetted and tested to demonstrate a certain degree of competence and ability, including a detailed interview process, attendance of training course(s), have completed NEC contract eLearning training modules and had strong references.
  2. Flexibility: the GMH Planning Academy provide clients with the resources to meet their practical requirements/budget. These can be for short/longer term placements, and very importantly for part-time resource where a full-time planner is not warranted. This can be a set number of days a week or even a month. This support can then be increased or terminated at any point in time making it cost effective for you as a client.
  3. NEC contract compliance: all academy members have been able to demonstrate a strong level of understanding of the NEC form of contract which should help the project team to not be without an Accepted Programme or prolonged periods with no acceptance – which then makes the assessment of change very difficult to do and leaving all Parties unsure of their respective liabilities.
  4. Support: all academy members come with a support network of senior individuals that they can call upon themselves for advice or offer into the project they are working on, in terms of the NEC contract or general planning principles.

Services GMH Planning Academy planners can fulfil:

  • To provide part-time or full-time planning support in reviewing or producing programmes to be compliant with NEC forms of contract to ensure the continual regular accepting of a programme through a project and producing compensation event programmes to assess impact of change.
  • Programme audits/health checks on quality/content of a programme and its contractual compliance
  • Tender review of contract data and Z clause amendments along with advising/producing fully contractually compliant tender programmes
  • Forensic planning for retrospective delay analysis when necessary to ascertain retrospective entitlement

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