FastDraft Contract Management Platform

FastDraft is an easy to use contract management platform, enabling consistent drafting and management of contracts, monitoring of performance and increased control over project outcomes.

FastDraft has been designed by leading experts in NEC contract management to be the most comprehensive, intuitive & user friendly, and cost effective platform on the market. The system provides visual representations of your contractual project workflow to enable actionable measurement of timescale, liability & risk to maximise profitability for all parties.


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FastDraft Features


Our NEC model allows any of the NEC3 or NEC4 family of contracts to be administered, in terms of ECC, ECS, TSC, PSC contracts as well as the short versions of each contract.  Each set up of a project will include a review of bespoke clauses and contract data to make system unique to that project.




Comply with NEC3, NEC4, FIDIC or JCT contracts through one common platform



Intuitive, simple and low cost solution that will benefit the whole supply chain



Extensive library of processes and documents, developed by leading industry experts



Consolidated contract management reporting which can be produced on demand



Automated benchmarking of your performance against external KPI’s



Permission controls to allow whole team to contribute appropriately


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FastDraft Walkthrough


Dashboard and Action List

fastDraft contract management dashboard for NEC3 NEC4 JCT FIDIC contracts
Intuitive dashboard demonstrating key project information
  • Intuitive dashboard demonstrating key project information, such as project value, agreed compensation events, change in planned Completion and other project milestones
  • Action points demonstrates clarity of where each party is at that moment in time in terms of contractual communications that have yet to be responded
  • Instant recognition as a summary of the contractual “health” of the project at any one point in time


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Encourages Contractual Compliance

FastDraft Contract Management -Early Warning generator NEC3 NEC4 JCT
e.g. notification of an early warning – encourages compliance of contractual process
  • Each form within the system is intuitive and ensures contractual compliance by forcing mandatory fields to be completed and correct contractual workflow & terminology is used
  • Early warning proforma for example prompts for consideration of a meeting to be held, when it should be held, where it should be held and who should attend
  • The system has similar equally intuitive and thorough forms for all of the other processes that the contract requires e.g. notifications, instructions
  • Includes specific forms for particular common contractual problem areas, such as quotation assumptions and delegation of powers


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Early Warning Register

 FastDraft Contract Management Software - Early warning Register audit trail status
Early warning register ensures thorough audit trail
  • Early warning Register provides an instant audit trail of status of each early warning raised and who is the action owner to move the matter forward
  • Closed items can be filtered out, with open items forming the agenda for the next early warning meeting
  • Unique feature allows the Project Manager to update the register by directly clicking on the line item on the register to update the actions


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Register of Programmes Issued for Acceptance

FastDraft Contract Management Register of Programmes Issued for Acceptance
Register of Programmes Issued for Acceptance
  • Programme register provides a summary of the status of each programme issued for acceptance
  • If it has not been accepted it will identify the reasons why it has been rejected
  • Flags if client response to a programme is overdue


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Unique Programme Narrative

FastDraft NEC3 NEC4 JCT Contract Management - Unique Programme Narrative
Unique programme narrative
  • FastDraft includes a number of features that are not a contractual requirement but are very good practice
  • For example, there is no contractual obligation to submit a programme narrative but the system requires that the Contractor has to fill in certain fields in terms of a report that will help explain what the programme is showing and what has changed
  • This will help the client to decide if the programme is one that they should be able to accept and speed up this acceptance process


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Find out now how FastDraft will help you dramatically increase your teams productivity and contractual compliance.