NEC4 CECA Bulletin No 9: Contractor Proposals and Whole Life Cost Savings

GMH Planning in conjunction with CECA (Civil Engineering Contractors Association) are producing a series of monthly bulletins focusing each month on an aspect of NEC contracts that their members should take particular attention to.

The ninth bulletin in our 2021 series is about the NEC4 processes for use of Contractor proposals (a.k.a. value engineering) and also the different process of Whole Life Cost Savings, for which you can download a copy here:

These two processes are a way for a Contractor to propose changes to the Scope and share a financial benefit if they are agreed with/adopted. It is therefore very important to understand how these processes work and how they are different from each other.

This series of bulletins are intended to be a quick focus on certain aspects of the contract to allow parties to properly price and programme accordingly at tender stage and manage the contractual processes during the life of the project.

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